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Using Bookings For Parents Evenings

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Presenting "Using Bookings For Parents Evening," a dynamic course by No More Bad Mondays. Step into the realm of efficient parent-teacher interaction and event coordination with the power of Microsoft Bookings. Throughout this in-depth journey, we expertly guide you in crafting and managing impactful parent/guardian evenings using Microsoft Bookings. This course is designed for educators, school administrators, and devoted parent-teacher association members, delivering essential skills to fully leverage Microsoft Bookings. By course completion, you'll possess the prowess to seamlessly oversee parent/guardian evenings, impacting education's core. Elevate your institution's communication strategies, strengthen educator-parent connections, and revolutionise the educational landscape. Whether you're from the education sector, healthcare, or any field necessitating streamlined appointment management, this course equips you with adaptable skills. Imagine adapting Microsoft Bookings to coordinate things like medical appointments or client meetings—unlock the potential in various industries. Embark on this illuminating journey with No More Bad Mondays, transforming your approach to parent evenings with Microsoft Bookings. As a bonus we will look at using Power Automate and Sharepoint List to provide a better overview of those incoming appointments. Join us now to embrace a more efficient educational landscape and beyond.

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