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Everybody likes a freebie! Here, education providers and SMEs can access a wealth of valuable resources, all at no cost. We're constantly updating and expanding our collection to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to thrive in the ever-changing world of business and education.


Discover a wide range of free materials that can help you make every day a great day for your organisation. Check back regularly for new additions and start benefiting today!




Setting up your hub and building an approval dropbox.

Building a Marketing Hub


Part Two

Building a Marketing Hub


Part Three

Building a Marketing Hub


Part Four

Building a Marketing Hub

Building a Marketing Hub

This FREE and unique online course is designed to transform your marketing operations and make your workweek a whole lot better! In this course, we are embarking on a journey towards creating the ultimate marketing hub, and what sets it apart is that it's not just our expertise driving it, but your valuable input as well.

Our course is structured to unfold gradually, like an advent calendar of marketing success, with each month bringing you closer to your ultimate marketing hub. By the time Christmas rolls around, you'll have a fully functional, efficient, and customised marketing hub tailored to your needs.

What truly makes this course exceptional is its collaborative nature. We believe in co-creating this hub with you, our valued customers. Your feedback after each part will play a pivotal role in shaping the course's direction and the features we incorporate into the marketing hub.

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Preparing for AI Checklist

Enhance your business operations with AI/Microsoft Copilot by ensuring your data is ready for the transformation. Our Preparing for Copilot Checklist provides you with a comprehensive guide to optimise data quality, security, and more.

Why not customise this checklist to meet your specific needs and rely on us for expert support, including consultancy and tailored training courses. Say goodbye to bad Mondays and embrace the future of AI with confidence. 

Preparing for AI Checklist  (1).png
Preparing for AI Checklist .png

Effortless Invoice Inbox Management

Are you tired of spending your precious Monday mornings manually sorting through invoices and documents that flood your inbox? No More Bad Mondays presents a free download designed to revolutionise your workflow. This free Power Automate flow download allows you to streamline your document management process. Say goodbye to the tedious task of organising email attachments into relevant Microsoft Sharepoint document folders – instead, automate the entire process seamlessly.

Our simply but innovative Power Automate solution simplifies your life by automatically categorising your documents into the appropriate folders within SharePoint. For example, have your Microsoft Suite invoices go straight to an Accounts Paid or Accounts Payable folder within your finance teams Sharepoint Documents. Once the documents automatically move over, the original emails are deleted, ensuring a clutter-free inbox. The best part? You can tailor this solution to your specific needs by adjusting conditions and folder locations.

Don't let manual tasks ruin your Mondays. Download this great Power Automate solution to reclaim your time, reduce stress, and make your work life more efficient with No More Bad Mondays.

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